Christian and Missionary Alliance

The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is an evangelical denomination within Christianity. It is an alliance of Jesus-centered missions focused on the pursuit and promotion of higher Christian life and mobilizing consecrated Christians in the work of foreign missionary efforts.

In United States, there are more than 2010 C&MA churches, nearly 600 out of them described as intellectual with more than 420,000 members. In Canada, there are about 440 churches, 59 of which are multicultural with approximately 120,000 members. A report published by the Alliance in 2004 stated that there were more than 3 million members outside USA and Canada.

In order to achieve its mission, C&MA has a management structure comprising of three groups; The General Council, Board of Directors and Officers and the President's Cabinet. The General Council is representative of the entire membership and acknowledges Christ as Head of the Church.

The governing powers are vested in the Board of Directors and Officers, which functions according to the policies and legislation enacted by the General Council. The present president of the board is Dr. Gary M. Benedict who is the 11th president in the United States and his four-year term ends in 2013. According to his own assessment of himself, he is "the kind of guy who brings people together,"

The president is also the chairman of the President's Cabinet, which comprises of the corporate vice president, the corporate secretary, vice president for administration, all vice presidents and any other members at the pleasure of the President should he deem necessary. The cabinet's functions are to advice and provide administrative information to the President. All important matters and recommendations are submitted by the President to the Board of Directors. Previously headquartered in Nyack, New York, C&MA headquarters are presently located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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